Phoenix Beyond the Browser - ElixirConf 2016


Elixir/Phoenix developers with an interest in iOS/Swift development


Leverage the Elixir and Phoenix foundation of concurrency, speed and reliability toward making powerful realtime applications in Swift


Elixir and Phoenix are built on a foundation of concurrency, speed and reliability. Thinking beyond the browser, these features are ideal for the backbone to any successful mobile application. Together we will explore leveraging the powers of Phoenix and WebSockets to get started building realtime mobile applications in Swift. Along with a basic introduction to Appleā€™s (relatively) new language Swift, we will explore how to setup a mobile application to communicate with a Phoenix application in realtime using Phoenix Channels. We will also discuss the impacts of some of the newer Phoenix features, like Presence, and how these can be used to enhance your applications. Attendees will get a brief introduction to the basics of iOS development, explore how to easily connect Phoenix and iOS applications through WebSockets, and discover how to use the power of Elixir and Phoenix to create complex realtime applications and games.